1. avatar kagura
    hello all

    i'm trying to track down the bass overdrive pedal that pete turner from elbow uses, specifically on 'grounds for divorce'.

    i've spent the last few months trawling google every once in a while and i've yet to find even the slightest indication of what setup he uses.

    any information would be greatly recieved!


  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    Brilliant band, thoroughly deserving of the Mercury Prize.

    The guy uses a Fender Jazz and a Gibson Les Paul bass, both of notable vintage I'm sure.

    I've seen him use Ashdown amps live too, specifically the ABM500 4x10 combo. I'm not sure about his studio work.

    As for effects - any decent valve overdrive pedal or emulation of the same will get you pretty close. I'd guess that he uses a compressor in the signal chain somewhere to achieve the synth-like sustain too.