1. avatar Nathan Jones
    I've been thinking for a while I'd like to take up the cello and I've decided to get one and play with it for a while, but buying one is really daunting. I don't really know anything about them or how to decide which'll be best. There are a few on Ebay for next to nothing, considering how far up the price scale they go, but even checking Google with "cello review" brings up next to nothing, instrument-wise, so it's hard to compare.

    I really don't have a clue what's what with the cello, but I'd like one that sounds nice, of course. I remember being put off the guitar initially because I started playing on a warped old beast my dad kept in the wardrobe that was strung with cheesewire and took the fingers off me when I tried playing 'Walk' on it - I'd hate to take the same length of time to get into playing the cello, for the same kind of reason.

    Any ideas..?

    From the listings I've seen (don't think I can afford 'owt from an actual shop) there have been a few that I think could be decent, although every time I see the words "beginner" or "student" I mentally replace it with "terrible", which may not be accurate as I don't really know how to gauge the quality of a cello, but I do anyway. I suppose I could start on a student instrument and trade up if it takes, but at the same time there's a violin kicking around the bedroom that I rarely play because of the groan it produces when I try. I'd probably play it more if it made a nice sound when I did and I'm thinking it's doubley important with the cello considering how expensive they are.

    I'd be grateful for any help or suggestions. Thanks!
  2. avatar thecomeons_2
    if cellos are like other instruments, yamaha is probably a safe bet if you want to go by brand-names.

    "student" usually means either "shit quality" or "3/4 size" to me.

    somebody told me years and years ago, that if you wanted to impress somebody when you were buying wine but know eff-all about the stuff, buy the second cheapest - that way, a) you don't buy the expensive ones by presuming they are better, thereby looking like you know what you are looking at, and b) you don't look tight by buying the cheapest.
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  4. avatar chris5031
    My first post!
    Hey- I actually bought a cello online from gear4music about a year and a half ago. This was when I was still living in london. I had both group and private lessons using that cello and although obviously not a high quality instrument it is more than sufficient for beginner/intermediate practise as oposed to performance. And for 175 pounds you can't go wrong! My query and the reason I've come across this form is that I am desperately searching for a teacher offering private lessons in belfast or a group that will accept a beginner/intermediate player anywhere in on near Belfast? I've already contacted queens, belfast school of music and various secondary schools with no result! Any ideas? I can't really progress much on my own.... :(
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    My first post!
    Hi Chris, I'm looking for a cello tutor in Belfast myself, did you finally find someone? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot, it's really a complicated thing to do in Belfast!!!