1. avatar dirty stevie smitty
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  2. avatar nomoreart
    Fix yer links ye big loon.
  3. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    should be sorted now.
  4. avatar pauldoherty
    Sound Smitty!
  5. avatar Chi-Lite
    I've a new drumkit for this.

    A big giant bastard of a one.
  6. avatar pauldoherty
    It's a pity you cant play it.... :(
  7. avatar Chi-Lite
    You'll get your ballix knocked in, and a German one in the squeek, any more o' that
  8. avatar T Entertainment
    Would it be fair to assume this gig is going to be boul?
  9. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Very nearly loud in a mirror. I thought it was for a while there, then head contortions to check if it'd be doul or luod - which I reckon it is, close mind.
  10. avatar pauldoherty
    the boul Vals...
  11. avatar Chi-Lite
    Your ma...centre-forward
  12. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    I'll be there for an oul swal.
  13. avatar Chi-Lite
    Good on ye Grizzo. The Attic so...it's the American Pool Room isn't it?
    I've yet to be in a gig up there, be good to see like.
  14. avatar nomoreart
    A few more gigs for the ol Holmes coming up. Tomorrow night at the Rotterdam's Acoustic Night and then playing to a captive audience of 20 or so in a Yurt at A Little Solidarity, Queens Student Union on Saturday the 15th.

    Gonna take you into the woods and Yurt ya...

    More on all that silliness at [url]http://www.robertholmesmusic.com[/url]
  15. avatar Chi-Lite
    That was good craic, although it was a shame the boul Robert couldn't make it.

    Grizz's DJing was...interesting.

    Easy Lover by Phil Collins was on when I walked in. Now, just picture that...

    In fact, it was [i:525773b606]exactly[/i:525773b606] like that episode of Spaced.

    The people next door were banging off their heads at the rave and we were all sitting listening to Easy Lover
  16. avatar rentaghost
    We legged it up from Kanye at the Odyssey for this.
    For the first night at the new time in the new room, I think it went quite well. I love that room - its just a shame that there isn't a bar in it. Maybe if Smitty speaks nicely to Greg we can get a bottle bar put in for the NI:NG gigs.

    We've had a few ideas which should be in operation for the next one.

    The Vals were in top form. Their set is really starting to come together, and Marty's new kit makes a remarkable difference to proceedings.
  17. avatar T Entertainment
    It's 'the boul Grizz'!
  18. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Marty loved the boul Billy Ocean.

    I rather enjoyed that.
  19. avatar pauldoherty
    The boul Billy Ocean is right. I have to say fair play to Smitty he knows how to put on a good night and really looks after the bands. Probably the best band night you would get in Belfast in fact......we'd go back anytime.

    The boul Vals....
  20. avatar spiceworld
    yes sat night was great, the boul smitty gets a plan together alright, would be nice if the room had a cocktail bar or the like....; )...or even a Joe wine bar....great sound and sound man...mind you if you are afraid of heights..........
  21. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Cheers for the positive words, there are a few wee ideas we're looking at to have in place for next month, which will be Escape Act's album launch.

    Thanks again to the boul Vals.