1. avatar comprachio


    [quote:d9f0fecd6c]Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has prompted more than 500 people to complain to the BBC about a joke he made on Sunday's motoring show.
    Clarkson, 48, was taking part in a lorry-driving task, when he joked about lorry drivers killing sex workers.[/quote:d9f0fecd6c]

    How many more insensitive tasteless (and probably heretical) comedians must we, the silent majority endure before the BBC will get this filth off our TVs....

    I demand a public flogging at least
  2. avatar ShowYourBones
    Surely theres someone in charge of the Beeb at the minute or have all producers got up, donned a pair of tight black jeans and ran off with Russell Brand for a drug fuelled month of debauchery.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    Clarkson isn't a comedian; something that became obvious the first time he told his 'joke'. Sometimes jokes get funnier on retelling. This wasn't one of them.
  4. avatar ShowYourBones
    I thought everyone hated Top Gear too, when did it grow a pair of populars?
  5. avatar anty
    lets see if the public can get him fired too.
  6. avatar TheNightMonkey
    This is just Clarkson being Clarkson. If you've read any of his books you'll realise he regularly makes dodgy comments and throws all PC'ness out of the window.

    Yes, ok, maybe this comment wasn't one of the most appropriate. But the guy is still a legend.
  7. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [url]http://ifyoulikeitsomuchwhydontyougolivethere.com/[/url] prints comments from the BBC site. Somewhere in its archives are leaked official complaints lodged with the BBC which show that people complain about absolutely everything.
  8. avatar comprachio
    [quote:d3d5ff8e5c]Will Shiers, editor of Truck & Driver magazine said "a small number of drivers were offended by the murdering prostitute reference".

    "On the whole, I thought the show was really entertaining.

    "If anything it succeeded in demonstrating to car drivers just how difficult it is to drive a truck." [/quote:d3d5ff8e5c]

    That's all that matters really imo. The feature did a lot to sing the praises of truck drivers and show how difficult it is to drive a truck. The joke was just a bit of 'ribbing' and I doubt any truck drivers were seriously offended.

    Says a lot that the complaints level rose over 100% after the media reported it.
  9. avatar Danny Lynch
    Says a lot that the complaints level rose over 100% after the media reported it.[/quote:6edda63f02]

    good point.. exact same thing happened with the russel brand jonofan woss malarky. woss should have been put off tv long before that just for bein a twat. as for clarkson.. hes similar to paxman, but in a non political sense.. says what he thinks and doesnt care who tells him off for it. just right i say.. even if most of the time nobody but the most extreme right would agree with what clarkson says
  10. avatar The enfant terrible
    Anyone know any Daily Mail journalists addresses? Let's go round their houses and piss in their loved ones faces, while they watch swinging upside down from a basketball hoop.
  11. avatar Baronation
    I'm more concerned about their constant abuse of the Dacia Sandero and the fact that they refused to put the Skoda Fabia VRS on the cool wall, despite being faster (and just plain better) than the Mini Cooper.

    Thats an insult to fans of Eastern European crap boxes everywhere.
  12. avatar chris1984_99_99
    I think if anyone watched top gear they know what to expect. If not then they usually find out pretty soon. I love the show, its a good hours entertainment for me, I know plenty of people who dont like it, at the end of the day, if you dont like it or dont like unpolitically correct jokes or cant take a joke, then dont watch it.

    Clarkson is as much a part of top gear as the theme tune is. He is who he is, and thats what makes him stand out and it obviously works as he's been there a long time. Ive seen him take the piss out of Irish people and thought to myself.... you bastard! (but still laughed) Then other times he will take the piss out of English people, Germans... you name it!...I think the people putting the complaints are just jumping on the complain against the BBC bandwagon.
  13. avatar comprachio
    there's the thing, he's made jokes about the Germans that were probably closely related to his personal opinion and more offensive than his tongue in cheek comments about lorry drivers yet no one complains...

    From what I know of lorry drivers they're all big fat jolly men who like eating a fry and looking at dirty pictures... i'm sure they don't mind the piss bein taken out of them;)
  14. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    people really are going out of their way to be outraged these days.
  15. avatar VimFuego
    I just got finished watching the episode again after i missed bits of it on sunday.

    Thought his murdering prostitutes remarks were even funnier second time round.
  16. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Curcify me if you must, but when I heard it I kinda smiled.

    And yes, the general public is just a bunch of dweebs that will get outraged only if they are told to be outraged. Clarkson (as already said) is not new to that kind of dodgy comments and his indeed more 'racist' (in the sense of implying superiority over another nationality) comments don't get any attention at all. What now, people think it's more acceptable to take the piss out of a group of people because of where they come from than making a 'joke' about lorry drivers murdering prostitutes?
    Some people are too drunk on PC that they need to get a can of 'Grow some common sense'.
  17. avatar fastfooderbelfast
    I have had enough! why are we complaining? unless you are or are related to one (night worker) it shouldn't bother us? We've all heard worse things without complaining!

    I hate the way people 'decide' to be offended, I heard people slagging him off and they didn't know what had happened. I do. It was in bad bad taste. That cannot be disputed.

    But look at it this way, clarkson being clarkson, is one of few warriors in the battle against PC-NESS. Without guys like him Christmas will be banned in a few years, as some PC-Freaks are afraid it will upset Jews and other non-christmas celebrating peoples. When in actual fact the majority of them couldnt care less.

    All this aside, im sure we've cracked a baden at some stage like, in the company of good friends - YES?

    Still, very silly for such a smart man to crack somethin like that on T frikin V!
  18. avatar fastfooderbelfast
    PC-Ness is ok in moderation though ... needed actually. I still think though we need people like jezza to keep a sense of 'not over doing the pc-ness thing' about us all. Still, joke not too good though. Delivery was spot on ;-)
  19. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Mention of Christmas Being banned. It isn't being banned, there is no prospect of it ever actually being banned either. If I had a pound for every time I heard the same bullshit stories about the "PC Brigade changing Christmas to Winterval" or "Councils banning Christmas Decorations" (which are generally true for the Tabloid definition of banned, that is "no longer compulsory"), I'd save it up until I had sufficient cash to pay people to clock the next half-wit to credulously repeat errant bullshit that a three year old could disprove.

    Only one group, led by one fella actually managed to ban Christmas in Britain. Remember who he was? Not exactly a shining example of the PC Brigade.
  20. avatar Gripper Magee
    Clarkson is just one of those mates you bring out drinking of an evening and wonder who is going to smack him tonight.

    Sorry there but Top Gear makes me laugh.

    I like cars and I grew up in the country and my da sold cars and I started crashing them since I was 16 and I didn't think the prostitute thing was that funny but tongues were in cheeks.

    No, I don't read Nuts or Loaded or whatever as they're shite.

    Call the cops.

    [runs away]
  21. avatar Per
    [quote:1280cd831f]Only one group, led by one fella actually managed to ban Christmas in Britain. Remember who he was? Not exactly a shining example of the PC Brigade.[/quote:1280cd831f]


  22. avatar rentaghost
    Lets replace Clarkson with Alan Rickman!
    That would totally work for me.
  23. avatar Gripper Magee
  24. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:92b51fbd98="rentaghost"]Lets replace Clarkson with Alan Rickman!
    That would totally work for me.[/quote:92b51fbd98]

    Only if he's forced to repeatedly drive through a brick wall.

    On a bike, or something.