1. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Just heard "Rebel Get By" getting a spin on Sara Cox's show.

    That can't be a bad thing!!! Fair play!
  2. avatar noelyg05
    Fair play to those lads, they have an armoury of great tunes and are making a name for themselves. That 'Rebel get by' track will stick in your head all day
  3. avatar blonderedhead
    Is a catchy wee song alrite, definitely radio friendly and could see it being a radio 1 regular
  4. avatar alex
    I seem to always be hearing it on Radio 1! Twice last week I tuned in randomly and there it was, playing away. Its a great tune and its nice knowing that the boys have other great stuff to follow it up with.
  5. avatar the_doctor199
    Great track, this is the song that when i heard it made me actually listen to them properly, well done to them
  6. avatar ryanego
    Yeh as Alex says, the thing that looks good for them is that they have at least 4 or 5 other belters that I am aware of, I assume there are more, and that I would guess should set them up nicely.
  7. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    There gonna be huge!

    Amazing band
  8. avatar dupadisc.ie
    the next big thing from the north
  9. avatar Cake
    I love this band. The right great tunes and they have bags of personality which shines through in everything they do.

    They'll go very far!