1. avatar agloyne
    Hi all,

    I am looking for some help to lay down some vox to one of my tracks that I have recently produced and with the view for more tracks to be produced in the near future.

    If you are a dab hand at vocal work, fancy doing something a bit different please get in touch. The track in question is called 'Restlessness' and is available to listen to / download on my site.

    Thanks for reading, and look forward to hearing from you.


  2. avatar agloyne
    If you have any examples of your own work or want to discuss further please drop me an email at andygloyne@hotmail.co.uk


  3. avatar agloyne
    The post is still open, I have a bit of interest and will be back in Northern Ireland very soon! Thanks for all the interest so far guys and girls - looking forward to getting into this and hopefully opening up to more work!

    Nice one!

    Andy :D