1. avatar rl-vl
  2. avatar rinky
    Nice one, how much is this?
  3. avatar rl-vl
    I have no idea really. Free maybe?
  4. avatar rinky
    Even better!
  5. avatar Joffy
    yep this one is free in-
  6. avatar Iso9
  7. avatar Joffy
  8. avatar Crackity_jones
    Woop, looking forward to this. I've never seen a BEW live set before, should be class.
  9. avatar dodgi stereo
    Here's a short video clip of Kinnego Flux playing live on the night. The audio is a track called 'Squiggle' from their upcoming album 'Satsuma' on Bugklinik records.

  10. avatar Crackity_jones
    That was great. Mr Cullen there was fantastic, lived up to expectations and more.