1. avatar PhatBob
    Why you should always wipe down the seat in a public toilet if you have to use one....


    A man had to be taken to hospital still attached to a steel toilet after super-glue was deliberately smeared on the seat.

    Firefighters were unable to free the man and were forced to remove the entire toilet with the man attached.

    The 35-year-old was in a public toilet cubicle in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands when he became stuck.

    He was taken to hospital where doctors had to get into the ambulance before using chemicals to free him.

    Toilet re-installed

    An ambulance service spokesman said: "He appeared to be none the worse for his ordeal other than being understandably somewhat embarrassed."

    It is thought the glue had been smeared on the toilet seat by a prankster.

    An ambulance crew and a rapid response vehicle attended the scene just before midday but they were unable to free the man.

    "With the help of a local authority and the fire and rescue service, the man was removed from the cubicle still attached to the stainless steel toilet," the spokesman said.

    The toilet was later taken back to the public convenience and re-installed.
  2. avatar dommccann
    i think i speak for us all when i say.....haha! who uses public toilets now anyway? unless of course he was caught short whilst out and about, but the least thing you would do would be to find a hotel or a pub - i have it on god authority that there is very little glueage in wetherspoons!
  3. avatar ShowYourBones
    [quote:d2cbd7df39="dommccann"]i have it on god authority that there is very little glueage in wetherspoons![/quote:d2cbd7df39]
    Theres bags of the stuff in the Bridge House.
  4. avatar Deestroyer
    I wonder if he got paid time on lieu? :(