1. avatar Steven Dedalus
    I just read that Studs Terkel, the broadcaster and writer has died over the weekend.


    If you haven't heard of him, I reccomend checking out some of his books ("And They All Sang" is particularly good).
  2. avatar That Man Fanjo
    [size=24:9c6c8c4eb0][i:9c6c8c4eb0][b:9c6c8c4eb0]IF ONLY[/b:9c6c8c4eb0][/i:9c6c8c4eb0][/size:9c6c8c4eb0] [size=18:9c6c8c4eb0][i:9c6c8c4eb0]there was a[/i:9c6c8c4eb0][/size:9c6c8c4eb0] ....

    Aww, fuck it.

    Just buy the book and be done with it. There's plenty left, and [i:9c6c8c4eb0]someone [/i:9c6c8c4eb0]ought to buy the bastard before it gets pulped.