1. avatar anty
    So far have the guitar amp boss gt6 fx pedal

    what else do I need from usb interfaes or whatever the hell?

    Not really effects driven but just want to put down guitar parts over drums I could probably make on fruity loops etc.
  2. avatar anty
    it wont let me edit my posts for some reason

    meant to add I have a roland cube 30 as well, it supposedly has some recording out socket.
  3. avatar The enfant terrible

    Take the plums out of your mouth for a start.
  4. avatar spirit of division
    [quote:e60027de31="The enfant terrible"]"WHAT DOES ONE NEED TO RECORD"

    Take the plums out of your mouth for a start.[/quote:e60027de31]

    Will that help him record?
  5. avatar The enfant terrible
    It will help him not to record songs that sound like this

  6. avatar Cugel
    Take yourself down to Baird's, walk up to the counter and say , "Is Jon here?"
    If someone says, "Yes, I'll get him." say thanks and wait. When Jon appears, repeat your original question.
    If they say, "No, he's not working today." say, "Ah, ok, I'll try another day." or repeat your original question and see what answer you get.
    Alternatively you can try this same procedure over the phone (028 )90 351358
    Baird's stock a variety of USB interfaces from Behringer, M-Audio, Line 6, etc. You will need one of these. Most come with bundled software of some description which will get you started.
    The other thing you need which they don't sell is creativity and a degree of ability.

    John (not Jon)
  7. avatar anty
    thanks for the pissy and helpful responses. got enough creativity but a lack of ability so I think i'll work on the last one
  8. avatar chris1984_99_99
    I think its already been mentioned, those M-audio (jamlab) USB interfaces are pretty good, probably the quickest and handiest way to hook a guitar or mic to a computer and get decent recordings. Cheapest place i found for them and other recording gear is thomann.

  9. avatar Sadoldgit
    you could also go the stand alone route.

    There was a Boss BR900 on here recently for feck all money..

    An example of what can be achieved with one of these is on here..

    Alternative Ulster and Shadowplay both recorded over the weekend using a Boss BR900 and Behringer mixing desk.

  10. avatar unplugged
    twas mine and it sold for fek all.

    mind you i didnt need it anymore...

    yes, the standalone route is as good for getting basic tracks laid down (if you are used to the portastudio/desk knobs and sliders way of working) as you can always add Eq reverb etc after exporting to the PC

    I got some fabulous results from a Boss Br900
  11. avatar Danny Lynch
    loved the comment about jon. the mans a legend.. i wouldnt let anybody else do anything to any of my guitars. nearly all my equipment came from him and he went out of his way to look for a specific guitar i was lookin. absolute legend. just thought id throw that out there
  12. avatar comprachio
    I use an Edirol UA25 to record everything I do. It's a great interface and built really well. Anyone I've recommended it to has ended up loving it.

    If you've one of those, a computer and some software then you're set really. Plenty of free and paid software around and you need to mess around on a few before settling. Everyone has their fave. I detested FLoops but loved Reason and quite liked ableton. Overall tho, nothing i've used comes close to Logic Pro for the money
  13. avatar thecomeons_2
    google the words "fostex" and "tascam" together or seperately and see what comes up. compare and contrast. tape or hard drive.

    recording on pc is well and good, but portastudios are handy, and you don't have to worry about downloading a virus or someshit and having to reformat.
  14. avatar Sadoldgit
    I can also recommend the Zoom H2 for "archiving" [ahem] all those live performances.

    You could also sneak it into famous bands and make high quality bootleg recordings....but, that could of course be illegal.

    The results of acoustic recordings with this wee device are astounding.
  15. avatar belezabaub
  16. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    [quote:44b0fbc497]recording on pc is well and good, but portastudios are handy, and you don't have to worry about downloading a virus or someshit and having to reformat.[/quote:44b0fbc497]

    I've had to reformat harddrives on portastudios i've had in the past, i've never had a harddrive failure and lost work on my computer tho... nor have i had a virus (use a mac).

    If you're working on your own the flexibility of a computer setup will suit you best. If you've got a computer already the costs won't be too bad. Edirol UA-25, rode NT1000 and a set of speakers and you're set:)

    If you're in a band that do a lot of jamming and thrashing out ideas then a portastudio is useful.