1. avatar noelyg05
    Anyone else watching the final day of the Grand Prix, should make for a good race, think Hamiltons performances over the last 2 years for such a young driver deserve a championship win.
  2. avatar Danny Lynch
  3. avatar Danny Lynch
    haha or not... as per usual all british hype results in sweet fa...
  4. avatar Danny Lynch
    stroked again... bugger... did tha toyota let hamilton through?
  5. avatar JTM
    Fear not you schandenfruede fans, the British were [url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/7703755.stm]humiliated at sport yet again[/url], this time for $20 million.
  6. avatar frajam
    I seriously cant stand Lewis Hamilton. I wanted Massa to get it. Massa certainly deserved it more.
    that was one of the best last 30seconds of any race i have ever seen{am biased please bear with me}this year,as of cricket i loved it ,those guys needed the money the most
  8. avatar Furball
    I hate motor racing, a boring boring sport. Don't really like Lewis Hamilton either, smug wee git.

    But you know, all those Spanish racists who blacked up their faces last year at the Spanish Grand Prix practice (oh you wags) and those who contributed to that recent anti-Lewis Hamilton website will be so fuckin gutted at him winning you can only say "YYYEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!".

  9. avatar frajam
    Meh Personally I think he is totally over-rated in terms of actual driving abilities, as well as being incredibly unsporting in the line F1.
  10. avatar noelyg05
    Not sure how someone who has just won the world championship as the youngest ever can be overrated?
  11. avatar Baronation
    I loved it, damn exciting stuff. Kudos to Hamilton, obviously some kind of genuis.

    F1 cars looked better when they where covered in Marlboro stickers though.
  12. avatar frajam
    [quote:b4b7bced8a="noelyg05"]Not sure how someone who has just won the world championship as the youngest ever can be overrated?[/quote:b4b7bced8a]

    Yeah i dont think he could have achieved that in a Toro Rosso or a Toyota.
  13. avatar Danny Lynch
    thats cuz all the cars are different and its more or less impossible
    smaller teams only win when sumthin major happens to the bigger teams like engine failures or fuck up in the pits. but i rekon if you put hamilton in one of them A1 grand prix cars.. where the whole grid is the same car.. so its driver v driver.. hed probably win. his drivin style is entertainin, unlike schumacher who won boringly. Hamilton can destroy anyone on that grid. the only thing id say against him is that hes fallen victim to the british hype fest.
  14. avatar Spacebat
    A worthy world champion? Probably. A smug, self congratulatory, arrogant , spoilt bastardesque twat. Definitely! I bet Timo Glock is loving that bright shiny new Merc sitting in his driveway this morning.
  15. avatar noelyg05
    I'd be pretty smug if I was knocking off one of those pussycat dolls
  16. avatar Danny Lynch
  17. avatar frajam
    Whenever he came into F1 at first i did like him, he did seem like a breath of fresh air.

    Then during an interview ' in his first season mind ' he referred to the back grid drivers as ' the monkeys at the back. '

    Now hang on there a minute, do ya not think thats a bit disrespectful, to guys who are putting their lives on the line every single race. As to back grid drivers, he would have been referreing to the likes of Giancarllo Fisichella, Rubens Barrichello, David Coulthard, Mark Webber, who are all fantastic drivers. To be called that by a wee runt whos just started, I wouldnt be so happy. That put me off him straight away.

    Wasnt entirely impressed by the fact that he crashed into the back of kimi Raikkonen in what was a closed Pit lane, at this years Canadian Grand Prix. Perhaps he knew he wouldnt have enough time to slow down so he thought he may as well take out his nearest title rival in the process. Watch any video of it and you can see that he deliberately steers to the left to hit the back of kimi rather than the right to hit Robert Kubica.

    The f***in hype i hate about him as well. At least 20 seconds into every itv f1 programme ( whether its just started or returning from an ad break ) somebody always says ' Lewis Hamilton ' Jeez enough already. They seemed to go very very quiet all of a sudden on David Coulthard, Jenson Button, and Anthony Davidson ( Before Super Aguri went bust )

    But i still maintain that he is over-rated as a driver. Sebastian Vettel won a race this year in a Toro Rosso ( The old Minardi of all things!! ) With a BMW and a McLaren on the Podium with him. They are faster cars by far than the Toro. Fernando Alonso won 2 races in a Renault this season!!! I would never have predicted that at all!! I think Lewis wouold have struggled in those circumstances. Alonso is certainly the best all round driver in F1 and im not even a fan of him. Im a Raikkonen Fan.

    Lewis just happens to have the creme de la creme of F1 cars under him. No driver in my opinion should start from the top. Whatever happened to working your way up from the lower teams into the top teams? Shumacher, Hakkinen, Raikonennen, Senna, Hill, Mansell, Massa, Irvine, Fisichella, Frentzen, Trulli, Hunt, Prost, Piquet sr, they all did.

    Hopfully this is the first of no more championships from him lol. Next year id love to see Raikkonen or Massa do it. Preferably Massa maybe. But keep an eye out for Kubica and Alonso. It's a shame Vettel is Movin to Red Bull though :(
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  18. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:cce702fe0b="frajam"]David Coulthard ...[/quote:cce702fe0b]

    Who showed his skills by making it a whole 100metres down the course before crashing out. Though to be fair, who doesn't want to duck out early on your last day of work...
  19. avatar frajam
    When someone crashes into you from behind what can ya do???
  20. avatar my-angel-rocks
    He'll have paid Rosberg to do it...
  21. avatar frajam
    hmmm yea pay rosberg to knock him into a spin, then nakijima to hit him from behind. Way to ruin other guys races.