1. avatar flmcasey
    It's an all-ages gig in Lavery's Bunker on Saturday 22nd November, starting at 2pm and, hopefully, everything should be wrapped up by about 6pm.

    The competeing bands are:
    Backdoor Romeo
    Dead & Bloated
    Six Seconds In Dallas

    There'll be two other judges; a representative from Blastbeat and John from Bruised Fruit Promotions, & you'll be deciding who'll progress to the Northern Ireland Final where the winner will go to Dublin to play for a record deal with Blastspace Records!

    If you're interested or want any more info, just leave me a pm. (:
  2. avatar flmcasey
    Bump :]
  3. avatar flmcasey
    Sorry, i probably should've stuck the links up so you'd know what you're judging (:

    Backdoor Romeo (www.bebo.com/backdoorromeo)
    Jargon (www.myspace.com/belfastjargon)
    Generic (www.myspace.com/blankbelfast)
    Six Seconds In Dallas (www.bebo.com/I-love-lee-oswald)

    Amnesiacs and Dead & Bloated don't have sites, but Amnesiacs play wee dance rock numbers while Dead & Bloated play Thrash Metal (:
  4. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    [i:4257d3b75d]a record deal[/i:4257d3b75d]

    How brilliantly vague.

    Have you tried that ubiquitous ballbag Pete Snodden from Downtown, or something?
    He loves shit like this and he'll probably do it for a couple of pints.
  5. avatar feline1
    I would be clawws at judging these bands, but sadly I live in Brighton.

    However, clearly, BACKDOOR ROMEO have to win, as they have the bestest innuendo for a name EVER.
  6. avatar The enfant terrible
    They should change their name to Casanova Paedophile.