1. avatar Peterotica

    It's Pete here (ex Willow Drive / ex Ninety Nine Knives).

    Since Ninety Nine Knives split Ive been dying to start a new band. Originally I was trying to find members through people posting their own ads, but now I think it's best if post my own ad.

    I'm looking for a lead guitarist (idealy 2), bass guitarist & drummer. (I can play guitar myself if required, but I would prefer to have 2 guitarists and to just concentrate on vocals).

    What I'd really like to do would be something different from Ninety Nine Knives but still within the heavy / fast / melodic style, with each member adding their own touch & style to the mix.

    I have many years (both practical & academic) expierence in writing, performing & recording music, aswell as essential experience in dealing with venues, promoters and other key skills needed to get a band up and running.

    Examples of my old band can be found at www.myspace.com/ninetynineknives & if you type 'ninety nine knives' into YouTube. These examples are quite old and display more of an example of hardcore style screaming, with this new band I would like to use more of my clean range vocals (not fully shown in the ninety nine knives examples)

    If you are interested pm me with an email address or phone number.

  2. avatar warpig08
    My first post!
    hey man you may not remember me but its piggy/Pete from the band falling to ruin from ballycastle had asked you guys to play in ballymena 1 night donkeys ago but u guys had to cancel. im now liven in belfast an lookin to start a band an get gigin again. what style of music u lookin to play? gimmie shout if if you want me to try out or what ever. piggy02189@hotmail.com.laterz Pete.
  3. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden

    Check this post out and drop me a pm if your interested man.
  4. avatar Peterotica
    Thanks to everyone who's shown interest so far, I was wondering if there was anyone interested in drums or bass?
  5. avatar Lunar
    My first post!
    I dropped you a PM. (Y)
  6. avatar Peterotica
    hey all,

    specificly looking any double kickin' drummers...
  7. avatar Peterotica

    More specificly looking for drummer and bassist at this stage
  8. avatar Peterotica
    calling all GOOD drummers...