1. avatar doctorlilt
    Moving out of my flat tomorrow and I've a few odds and ends to give away. If anyone could be arsed coming round to the flat today/tonight the stuff is yours!

    I've got:

    Centon DC-5 5MP digital camera (boxed, but no battery or charger)

    [b:40876b996f]Mobile phone stuff[/b:40876b996f]

    LG B2050 (all boxed, with accessories, fully working)
    Sony T630 (boxed w/accessories, slightly damaged screen)
    Sony K610i (boxed, fully working, but no charger)

    Other various mobile bits and bobs (for spares maybe...)

    [b:40876b996f]Computer Bits[/b:40876b996f]

    17" CRT monitor
    Addon 4 Port Router (boxed with all accessories)
    Samsung ML4500 printer
    Internal DVD player
    Dazzle Digital Video Converter (boxed, perfect condition, never used)

    A Hewlett Packard 1210 All-In-One Printer / Scanner
    (no box, but in working condition)

    [b:40876b996f]Random stuff[/b:40876b996f]

    Hinari Iron
    Pro-Action Vacuum cleaner
    Deep fat fryer
    5" portable b&w TV / Radio

    Give me a text/call on 07999340805


  2. avatar doctorlilt
    Just to add:

    The flat is in Belfast City Centre, 5 mins walk from City Hall!
  3. avatar JTM
    Have you a lead to connect the digickal camera to a computer? if so, I'll take that and the Sony K610i please!

    Have just texted you!
  4. avatar Clenkoid
  5. avatar doctorlilt
    Loads of people have text and loads of stuff has been claimed, so cheers for the response so far!

    Still a few things available.

    Just to add:

    You're best texting my mobile, as I'm running around packing for the move tomorrow, I'm not likely to respond to PMs and messages on here so quickly and of course it's first come, first served.