1. avatar Atomic
    In tribute to this scene from The Terminator with amazing music -

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOb8NC708_c (link only, no embedding allowed!)

    Atomic will be going Tech Noir for Halloween night in the Pavilion.
    Of course, this doesn't actually mean anything, save that we'll be upstairs in the dark of the Pool Room which might add a bit of atmosphere!
    There'll be some prizes for best costumes (and the Pavilion will probably be running it's own best costume comp. too) and lots of 80s music with guest DJs from 80s specialists Slomatics (so probably loads of classic rock!). Also, ignoring what the poster says, the door price will be a flat fiver, but that gets you admission to the middle floor of the Big House as well where Bop Yestrum are holding their own Halloween spectacular.
    We won't have retro 80s film visuals on offer ourselves this night, as it'll probably be really busy and no-one will be able to see anything anyway, but I expect to see some amazing costumes just like last year, hopefully someone will outdo the Duffman that was partying in 2007!


  2. avatar Baronation
    On the ball with the organisation as usual there beardface.
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    Baron loves the oul tech noir, never stops talking about it.
  4. avatar goatboy
    [quote:3a6e98f2cd="T Entertainment"]Baron loves the oul tech noir, never stops talking about it.[/quote:3a6e98f2cd]

    He also loves the CBE. He's always yabberin' on about that place.

    Fuck the Baron!!!!!
  5. avatar nonlogic liam
    Cormac's cash cow strikes again!
  6. avatar T Entertainment
    Cormac has been given a CBE?!
    I don't think anyone saw that one coming.
  7. avatar welshchris
    Expect some nice classic 80s rock form me, this is gonna be a fun night :D
  8. avatar churchwarden
    What have you come as?

    I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else. [/quote:c729f23ff0]

    ( from The Addam's Family )
  9. avatar Baronation
    I don't even know what Tech noir is, or even if I have spelt it right.

    Does it involve 'Swords of a Thousand Men' by Tenpole Tudor?
  10. avatar gtm
    I liked the guy dressed as Tin Tin last year who tried to 'brain' me because someone knocked me into his pint.
  11. avatar Baronation
    Glad I'm up first.