1. avatar Daveitferris
    Hi all!
    Hope you're all frosty like i am!

    Just to let anyone, who may be interested know that i have uploaded two brand new tracks from My Fourth album of this year 'New York'


    The Tracks are on my Myspace @ www.myspace.com/daveitferris

    thanx :)
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  3. avatar The enfant terrible
    What the fuck has that to do with Daveit's new album? Start another thread mate.
  4. avatar Daveitferris
    Two Tracks From the Album Added Now!
  5. avatar Daveitferris
    Final bump Just to Promote a 'Rarities/demos' album ive just released online for Free.

    A Collection of Songs 2004 - 2007

    [u:1e11f205dc][b:1e11f205dc]FREE[/b:1e11f205dc][/u:1e11f205dc] 31 Track Album @ www.myspace.com/daveitferris
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    Loving the new songs Daveit, your songs are as inspirational as always. :D
  8. avatar theavenue
    Really getting your monies worth out of those G and C chords, hey?
  9. avatar Daveitferris
    Hellz Yeah.
    Im moving onto F and Bb Next week.