1. avatar anty
    So the questions in the title. EADGBE

    which 'E' is your favourite or does a 'G' allow you more technique
  2. avatar delfuego

    which 'E' is your favourite [/quote:35d636b509]

    Haven't had to answer that question in about 10 years!!
  3. avatar thecunnyfunt
    give me a nice clean mitsu any day
  4. avatar PhatBob
    when my Da was buying a new car years ago he'd narrowed it down to a choice of two and asked me one Sunday over lunch (ironically) "And you like Mitsubishis Ok?"
  5. avatar tinpot anto
    This may be an utterly facetious thread but in all honesty I do actually prefer the D string above all the others. it's just perfectly situated, still got the warmth of the wound strings, but the penetration and life of a higher register.

    It's lovely to include in your octave chords and to do big Jefferson Airplane solos using it as a drone to the notes played on the G string.

    genuinely I could talk about it all day.
  6. avatar frajam
    A :D
  7. avatar Big Homeless
    D all the way. Altho A is a good country string...
  8. avatar anty
    lets get this thread pumping......

    anyways I dislike the G string now and prefer the subtle B
  9. avatar SangByFire[Mick]
    Up the 'A' . See what I did there? No? Okay then. 'B' is great... but not on its own.
  10. avatar donkeymagician
    oooh its soo hard, i like them all...i like the D for the aformentioned reasons but i guess i prob spend most of my time on the G

    yep Im a G-String man :-D
  11. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    has to be M.
  12. avatar Furious Tradesmen
    low E. come hear the amazing things it can do here:
  13. avatar The_Martyr
    This thread is just stupid enough to be a contender for Hot Topics and to show up as the hottest of the day next day.

    I must say I agree with anto about the D, it's tight, and never goes out of tune in my experience, unlike it's skinny brother G.

    It also is the string most responsible for blowing my mind when I was 16 and learnt my first add9 chord. I think it's add9, looks like this: