1. avatar Avarimusic
    Alright guys,

    I'm heading up to Belfast tomorrow as I'm desperately trying to hunt down an original scream costume for Halloween. Could anyone give me a few pointers as to any outlets in the city centre area that I should check out?

    Cheers, Mark.
  2. avatar wannywan
    Elliot's is good, but be prepared to queue. Also, there's a place that does costumes in the in-shops. The scream ones there aren't that great though.
  3. avatar unplugged
    i assume you have tried elliots? it can be bunged as said above.
    scream is a classic ouotfit - yet its been played out a bit, although my last years outfit was fantastic:

    captain spaulding :)
    cost me a fortune, hence its this years as well. lol
  4. avatar Avarimusic
    Yeah almost everywhere seems to be stocking the scary movie style goofy scream masks which just look like you're dressed up as someone with Bell's Palsy. I haven't actually tried Elliots yet, is it in the city centre area?
  5. avatar unplugged
    They say:

    The family owned company of Elliotts has been located in Ann Street, Belfast for almost 90 years, however the company was established in 1886. We are situated at 110 & 112 Ann Street which is in the upper part of the street coming from the city centre, across Victoria street toward the Lagan river.

    I say:
    its very near victoria sq
    where the Ann st police station is beside the law courts/waterfront area.
    on same street as police station, at the top - near the 'big fish' and queens bridge. 5 mins walk from in shops

    perhaps someone can ellaborate as that came directly from my shitty mind. thats how id find it :)
  6. avatar Avarimusic
    lol fantastic, cheers
  7. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    There is also a good 2 or 3 costume shops on Botanic Ave. but I never been inside so can't say about the quality of the stuff they have.
  8. avatar Avarimusic
    2 or 3 costumes on Botanic? Ah excellent stuff, I'll check those out too.
  9. avatar fastfude
    There's also a costume shop on Lower Ormeau, next to the Crescent Arts Centre
  10. avatar Avarimusic
    Superb, thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated!
  11. avatar 10rapid
    also a props shop on donegall pass that rents out costumes