1. avatar DonkeyZSP


    New track from our forthcoming debut album is up for you to listen to.

    the track is titled SET GUITARS TO KILL, its one of 11 tracks on our debut album due for release in the new year.

    feedback will be massively appreciated. Tell yer friends.


  2. avatar nocturn
    Holy shit :shock:

    That fuckin Brutal guys! The foot-stomping turned out deadly! It sounds amazing, i cant wait for the full thing!!

  3. avatar Recycled Alien

    Also, I just noticed that on last.fm ASIWYFA have 4,999 listeners who have logged their music, more than twice as many as Fighting With Wire, for example.
  4. avatar cruz
    ASIWYFA are without a shadow of doubt, the best and most important band in this country right now, pissing all over everything else that's being released (yes, including my own music!). Watch them fly next year when the album is out.

    And top geezers too. :D
  5. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Tis good stuff indeed. And yes, they piss all over everyone else right now, which is kinda weird as I am told no one cared about them when they first started and they basically were considered shite.
  6. avatar JTM
    Some bands bring knives to a gunfight. ASIWYFA bring flaming warhammers and assault weapons.
  7. avatar mrginger
    JTM you sum it up perfectly.

    This tune is MASSIVE.

    Cannot wait for the album.
  8. avatar Rocky
    It was worth a building almost collapsing
    and a man nearly having a nervous breakdown to get those stomps!

    I had a really fun time recording with the guys.
    The album is sounding great post-mixing.

    We recorded pretty quickly and I've forgotten about half the stuff we did.

    I'm ready for album 2 already!!!