1. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    Monkey Youtube takeover and more...

    More Monkey action from Gorillaz close friends Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett... check it out...

    Monkey Bee, a short film directed by Jamie Hewlett is premiering on Youtube

    A live action short film for Monkey Bee - the first single from OJourney to
    the West', will have its premiere today. Created and directed by Jamie
    Hewlett, Monkey Bee is a mixture of Chinese 1970's spaghetti western, meets
    Korean horror movie, meets much beloved 1980's Monkey tv seriesS


    Fans of Hewlett's numerous Gorillaz videos should enjoy his first live
    action outing. Conjuring up images of legendary battles and adversity, we
    find Monkey trying to cross the volcano fields of Princess Iron Fan. Monkey
    needs her magic fan in order to cool the hot molten fields but the Princess
    refuses and an epic battle ensues, throwing first trained assassins and then
    a colossal army of volcano soldiers his way in a desperate attempt to thwart
    his journey.

    The film was shot in London on 35mm film, using members of the Journey to
    the West cast. A team of modellers, animators, compositors and vfx artists
    have since worked for 8 weeks to put all the live action and special effects
    together and deliver the first Monkey film.

    Monkey Bee will premiere on youtube from Tuesday 28th October, and will
    appear on Channel 4 in the UK at 00.05 on Thursday 30th October.
    The Monkey Bee video is also available for you to own from the 30th October
    on I-tunes.

    Monkey takes over Youtube
    To celebrate the release of this new short film, Monkey has taken over
    Youtube for 24 hours. Head over there now to catch the world premiere of
    Monkey Bee; the making of Monkey Bee; Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's
    youtube takeover and curatorial introduction; Damon & Jamie's Excellent
    Adventure and other clips hand-picked by Damon and Jamie which tell the
    story of what shaped the unique musical and visual aesthetic of Journey to
    the West.

    The album is based -on the opera Monkey: Journey to the West


    Think you could create a live action, 70's Chinese spaghetti western
    inspired action film? Go on then - we're giving you a trove of clips, green
    screens and visuals straight from the editor's suite allowing you to make
    your own version of the Monkey Bee film.

    Once you've created your Monkey masterpiece, just upload it to this
    contest-specific Youtube channel where it will be judged by Damon Albarn and
    Jamie Hewlett: http://www.youtube.com/group/monkeybee

    The winner will receive a signed copy of the limited edition, deluxe vinyl
    version of the Monkey: Journey to the West album, and 5 additional winners
    will get two tickets to see the Monkey: Journey to the West opera at the O2
    in December.

  2. avatar Tele
    I am shitting myself with excitement.

  3. avatar frajam
    Aye heard some of it. It's f**king Brilliant!

    'Heavenly Peach Banquet' is definetly the best song ive heard this year.

    That damon Albarn boyo is a pure genius it has to be said :D
  4. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    [quote:54c53f70a8="frajam"]Aye heard some of it. It's f**king Brilliant!

    'Heavenly Peach Banquet' is definetly the best song ive heard this year.

    That damon Albarn boyo is a pure genius it has to be said :D[/quote:54c53f70a8]

    I have to concur :D