1. avatar blonderedhead
    I posted a topic about a priest from bbc website, nothing bad just a bit humorous I thought? Then I come back onto the site and it's deleted, what the hell? It's not the first time topics have been deleted, so what's the story?

    It's kind of annoying having a nanny on the website that doesn't let you type what you want and only gives you 10 post tokens a day. Boo!

    This post will probably be deleted now anyway, so anyone that sees it please reply and let me know does the same thing ever happen to you. Start a Fastfude revolution!
  2. avatar trepanner

    Weird post to make man.
  3. avatar blonderedhead

  4. avatar tinpot anto
    Crying babies NEED a Nanny. [i:a888556a85]Quid Pro Quo[/i:a888556a85]

    EDIT re: Below
    Only a joke that, by the way :D sorry for the offence.

    Never noticed the censorship being too harsh - Rog and teh Mods on here have a lot of experience keeping this ship on a straight course through very stormy waters. If you keep getting posts deleted then try and take a different tack.
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  5. avatar blonderedhead
    [quote:0bf0e03be4="tinpot anto"]Crying babies NEED a Nanny. [i:0bf0e03be4]Quid Pro Quo[/i:0bf0e03be4][/quote:0bf0e03be4]

    Hmm, I was just making a point, maybe thought you guys didn't like getting censored either, seems you don't
  6. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    Site Support Forum git it rite :!: :wink:
  7. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Try another forum?
  8. avatar Recycled Alien
    Yeah, I mean, a forum dedicated to local music is obviously the right place to link to amusing stories from the BBC.
  9. avatar fastfude
    Blonderedhead, what do you think should happen? Anything and everything be posted no matter how irrelevant to the theme of the site? Have you thought about the consequence of that?
  10. avatar lightsinthesky
    woah...and i thought there was a general discussion forum on this :shock: :?
  11. avatar fastfude
    Er, there is. What's your point?
  12. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    [quote:a78ee3d706="fastfude"]Blonderedhead, Anything and everything be posted no matter how irrelevant to the theme of the site? Have you thought about the consequence of that?[/quote:a78ee3d706]

    WHOOHHHH!!.......dats just far out, an far 2 much 2 take in, I mean "everything" on fastfude......Ifeckin luv dis site.....way 2 go Rog u da man :lol:
  13. avatar spirit of division
    I'm not too sure about posts being deleted but there does need to be a level of moderation to keep things falling into a mess, degrading the site with inane humour and in jokes...it's meant to be resource...though obviously people have more than just music in mind all the time.

    However...topics being moved to various other forums is a tad annoying at times.
  14. avatar fastfude
    Out of interest, which times?
  15. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    [quote:c5ec4d0f24="fastfude"]Out of interest, which times?[/quote:c5ec4d0f24]

    don't take this personally, but those times it annoys you...............why am i even getting into this, Rog is GOD
    leave him alone.( i'll probaly not b here 2marraw. i love u all)

    I call it..........Deepsmeg

    A notorious member on a small community forum, the game being Uplink. Reknowned for his spammy posting habits and inane sense of humour.
    You spammy b*st**d, Deepsmeg
  16. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    Ahem, being as me da wants 2 go on msn an ive 2 (in his words) get the feck off......sweet?......All quotes and one-liners that the monitorators don't like will automatically be sorted by them and quotes that they think suck will be deleted, viva las fastfude... :wink: ;-)
    but what I'd like to know is why after 3 posts I'm being told that I've did 10 when I haven't? ca mon fastfude I've not once slagged this site....ever and I promise never too
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  17. avatar miss catface
    i vaguely remember there being some issue in the past that fastfude was going to be held liable for due to someone making a lot of slanderous remarks and thus the forum had to start being harsher for their own safety. that or the site was going to be shut down. so i'd think that was reason enough for any moderator to be maybe sometimes overly cautious - which i wouldnt imagine anyway.

    however this could all be a lie/rumour blown out of proportion/my memory playing up.
  18. avatar anty
    Does Judas Priest belong on metal ireland and Kings Of Leon belong on here. Is this the mentality? Someone please stop this madness.
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    "This post will probably be deleted now anyway, so anyone that sees it please reply and let me know does the same thing ever happen to you. Start a Fastfude revolution!"

    Why not start your own website instead if you don't like it? Then you can take responsibility for it. For the NTH time, Fastfude isn't the NHS. You're not paying taxes for it.

    The people who run this site have every right to delete anything they don't like. Personally I wouldn't have anywhere name the same patience with those who perpetually knock it. No one is forcing anyone to use 'this place'.
  20. avatar captain a
    i always think its like when you drive from the south into belfast and theres military style cop cars hanging around with guns poking out the back. just in case something abominal might happen on tuesday just after doctor phil.
  21. avatar remedy malahide
    Ahh...Doctor Pubes always says:
    "Pubes are for life, not just for Christmas."
  22. avatar spirit of division
    [quote:85ab815d08="fastfude"]Out of interest, which times?[/quote:85ab815d08]

    I'm referring to a few instances...but...one that was most recent for me was when I posted in the general forum or gigs forum about needing help with accomodation...it was immediately shifted to "industry and commerce". Now...why? It was the day of the show and it was quite urgent. It was a question for general forum users for advice or help.

    Maybe I was just overly annoyed as I dont regularly check that forum and reckoned others who could help would be in the same boat...there wasnt any real sense to me that it should be moved.

    But regardless...moderation is needed to an extent...I remember when the way you register changed due to the amount of crap that flooded the site...
  23. avatar Recycled Alien
    Yes, but the General forum is for irrelevant crap. (And should be renamed as such.) I pay less attention to it than any other.

    There is no MAIN forum.
  24. avatar T Entertainment
    Agreed - it would be better named 'random mitherings' or whatever...and shuffled in the running order accordingly.