1. avatar PhatBob
    I have 2 tickets for Thursday night's sold out Dylan Moran show at the Waterfront.
    They're in the feckin 8th row!! Magic!!

    PM me if interested - 35 quid for the pair.

  2. avatar toolrocket
  3. avatar PhatBob
    sorry these have gone - although I'm waiting on a text from the prospective buyer...nudge nudge...
  4. avatar fatterkin
    lemmie know if it falls thru, my boss would love to go.

    I already am :-D
  5. avatar sleuth
    ah yes if all else fails I'll take them too.
  6. avatar PhatBob
    yep if it all falls through you can both have them :-D

    What's a reasonable length of time to wait for a buyer to text you about getting tickets...?
  7. avatar PhatBob
    All sorted now.
    Cheers all for your interest.