1. avatar stefan getty
    My first post!
    I am looking to put together a band of young and exciting youths

    I already have two guitarists and me as the vocalist
    the band will be post-grindcore like bands such as BMTH , RED SHORE and so on

    msn me if you are interested!

  2. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Ah if only I was more than above shite/below average at playing bass I would be totally up for it.

    None the less, good luck. If this goes ahead I will be looking forward to hear some stuff.
  3. avatar jc
    Aye, I'm available for bass playing. Do yous have any stuff recorded or anything so far?
  4. avatar amillar
    My first post!
    I would be up for playing drums possibly, do you guys have any stuff up?