1. avatar 10rapid
    Was anyone else at this? The long queue was annoying...could've been partaking of a few beers before entry to the teetotal venue!

    The music was great....burning codes were great doing "I'm set free" and foy vance was fantastic. really regret missing his show last week.

    also, joe echo was spectacular!
  2. avatar Amz
    Twas indeed a pretty special night. I thought Burning Codes own song was pretty damn good, as well as Rae Currans version of Nick Caves "Into My Arms".

    The Innishowen Gospel Choir really did sound brilliant and the venue really did create a vibe unlike any other gig - obviously. Was rather strange when I first seen the towering Ken Haddock, strumming in a pulpit.

    My only problem was I tried to cram my previous plans into the night too, and leave half way to catch M83 in Queens UNion - which was a rather contrasting but also excellent gig.

    So I missed Bronagh Gallagher (who I heard was a highlight), Foy, Duke and heard Joe Echo as I legged it. Was almost gonna stay, but M83 and ticket awaited for me.
    And that was great too. The whole night was finished of with a rather quick and uncomfortable pint in Laverys and then home (when I evenutally got a taxi).
  3. avatar johndarcy
    raging I missed m83, but the Urban Hymns gig was amazing.

    Joe Echo's 'Tilly's Cowboy' was a highlight for me

    Bronagh Gallagher made the night though! Totally feelgood!
  4. avatar supershedseven
    thought this was a Verve tribute band or somthing.
  5. avatar Steven Dedalus

    There's a wee review about it all.

    Any doubts I had about the evening were suitably banished.
  6. avatar rentaghost
    did they get a good crowd?
  7. avatar BookBookBook
    It was a sellout, in a good way.
  8. avatar rentaghost
    excellent stuff. I told them it would be.