1. avatar MovingOn
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    [b:9430283c8b]"fRoots" Magazine?[/b:9430283c8b] Serious?
  3. avatar Tanya Skibunny
    Check out the myspace, there's a beautiful tune up there called Shallow Brown....

    I love this band :-)
  4. avatar Tanya Skibunny
    So, I went to Portstewart last night to see these guys. It was really amazing. If you have any interest at all in traditional, folk, americana, country etc etc, you should totally go to this. I was meant to be going see another band play tonight, but I have changed my plans so I can go to the Crooked Jades at the Spiegeltent instead. THAT's how much I enjoyed it...