1. avatar unplugged
  2. avatar Setzer
    I have the 1200 version of this and its a fantastic piece of kit,cant recommend this highly enough.

    Editing on it is dead easy the guitar effects are top notch and you really can turn out a great sounding CD as the Boss blurb says.

    At this price its an absolute bargain.
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  4. avatar Sadoldgit
    I have one of these and that is for nothing!

    PS, the firmware is upragdeable, so if boss add more guitar effects [as they have in the past] you can upgrade.

    Excellent tool, esp for guitarists wishing to use as a writing tool as the included drum software is excellent.
  5. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Is this gone yet? If not I'll take it please...
  6. avatar unplugged
    gone. it went to the person who sent the first/earliest timed PM.