1. avatar Nathan Jones
    ...well, you were warned. I was talking to a friend on MSN who told me that the abortion thing was still being voted on. No idea about the outcome, but to hazard a wild guess I would say it'd be rejected again, as these things usually go. There was a petition we could have added names to, but it's too late now I hear, so f**k knows what the outcome'll be, or if it'd have made any difference. But at least there's a vote.

    If you can't have an abortion here, but you can have one if you catch a flight to "the same country" and get one, well... I don't understand why that is. It makes no sense to me.

    Is this good or bad? Is there a decision yet? Isn't this a bit mental? God, I dunno...
  2. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    I can only assume that the conservative right wing mentality for which our lovely province is (in)famously known for will once again prevail against the right to choose that ridiculously is still not assured to the women of Northern Ireland.
  3. avatar thelithopedion
    Despite all the hard work put in by groups such as Alliance for Choice, the motion to extend the 1967 Abortion Act disn't even come up for a vote.

    [i:fa7f3aab5c]"On Wednesday 22nd October 2008, the amendment to extend the Abortion Act to Northern Ireland was not debated or voted on at Westminster because of a procedural motion put by Harriet Harman, leader of the House of Commons and the Minister for Women."[/i:fa7f3aab5c]
    (As reported on the group's website).

    Another article about it in the Guardian, here:
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    This was never going to happen. We will continue to keep Ryanair and Seacat afloat in perpetuity by exporting women to GB for abortion. Like the Republic.
  5. avatar hardstaff0p
    I'm going to throw this out there but it is only because I have a genuine interest in understanding the issue of abortion properly. I am completely in support of woman's rights, but I cannot see why it is such a liberal ideal to place the rights of a potential mother to not have a child over the rights of a potential child to have a life.
    Does my failure to understand the pro-choice movement come down to an inability to differentiate a potential child (a foetus at 20 weeks for example) from a legislatively defined child of 24 weeks?

    I'm not trying to start a fight, just interested.
  6. avatar 10rapid
    paging mr chi-lite. At least it's good to see all our political parties agreeing on something! Maybe if they called policing and justice 'pro-life(sentencing)' they'd get off their asses and get back into stormont so someone could at least stick a finger in the financial dam before the whole thing bursts and sinks us all.
  7. avatar T Entertainment
    Marty must have bunked off after a heavy weekend, otherwise he'd have been straight in here with his foetus-placard wha?
  8. avatar trepanner
    [quote:edc4a15b93="T Entertainment"]Marty must have bunked off after a heavy weekend,[/quote:edc4a15b93]

    Thank the-process-of-change-in-the-inherited-traits-of-a population-of-organisms-from-one-generation-to-the-next for small mercies.
  9. avatar Chi-Lite
    It's funny how right you are, cause I'm sitting in the house in me trunks, having bunked off after a heavy weekend.

    It's just a good job wooly minded trendies like yourselves are a small minority, innit like.

    Right to choose my oul hole. Who said you could have a choice?

    Also, oul nosense, I'm sick of this talk about choice. See, in fairness, I think Pro-life is a stupid term too, given that a lot of so called pro-lifers would happily fry petty criminals....but grant me that "pro-choice" is a fucking stupid, wishy washy facile lot of ballix. Let's get it right, you're not "pro-choice", you're pro-one-particular-choice, andI'm pro-the-other,-opposite-choice
  10. avatar T Entertainment
    Did you use a wee feeble, sickie voice when you phoned in? :D

    I wouldn't bunk off on a Monday unless I'd lost a limb so there was a stump to photograph and email in - you are NEVER believed.
  11. avatar Chi-Lite
    It's recess though. Plus I'm away on a junket the morra, so I need time to find my passport
  12. avatar 10rapid
    i'm pro the choice of not having a mental image of you in your manky whips 'typing' furiously about women's bits before lunchtime on a monday
  13. avatar T Entertainment
    If you're going to GB, make sure you identify any women heading for an abortion and STOP THEM FROM COMMITTING MURDER.
  14. avatar tinpot anto
    Especially if you bum about it on the public internet for all to read :)
  15. avatar rentaghost
    fair point considering
  16. avatar Chi-Lite
    [i:7365ae6a73]I'm off[/i:7365ae6a73], I told yous.

    Joe recess
  17. avatar rentaghost
    you said [i:9138a8d88a]bunked off[/i:9138a8d88a] - which is not the same thing as booking time off, you muppet.
  18. avatar tinpot anto
    Just trying to keep up that rebel facade now that he's a lickspittle cog in the Stormont machine. :lol:

    Next he'll be on claiming that he diddled his flexi by 20 minutes every day for a month and his day off is really illicit flexi-leave :)

    Mawd. :lol:
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    Just cross your fingers the current impasse leads to another suspension, Marty. That's when the skiving REALLY kicks off up there. :P
  20. avatar Chi-Lite

    Fuck aff, you industrio-chemical-military complex bastard.

    I never said I was bunking off. It'd be on the beak anyway. I just said I wasn't in work, fuck me.
  21. avatar trepanner
    You soooo did!
  22. avatar Chi-Lite
    That was a quote.

    Anyway, luckily me sitting arguing the point means I'm not gonna be able to sit and talk shite about abortion and the ra, so everyon'e a winner baby.

    Now, where's that third Dexy's album...
  23. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    thon fella gets a wile hard time
  24. avatar artofdarkness
    To be honest, it's not only abortion, there's a whole range of attitudes that need addressed.

    I turned on the TV the other day to see someone advising women to 'not to go out at night' due to the amount of sexual assault going on in South Belfast.

    Yes, let's lower the crime rate by making women stay indoors at night, let's not bother trying to deter attacks on them via targeted policing.

    There's common sense in reminding women to take as much care as they can when going about their life, but to abdicate from properly protecting them on the grounds that it's somehow their fault for being outside at 1am, is not on.