1. avatar Allan
    does anyone fancy goin to


    to check out a new song that has been uploaded?????? :)

    apologies if i have posted this in the wrong place.
  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    This is a cheekier plug

  3. avatar Allan
    you win man!!

    i know when ive been beaten............. :)
  4. avatar sanzo2112
    Eh whats this.. you have a full band ow? and drummer
  5. avatar Allan
    eh????? :?
  6. avatar The Old New
    Gonna be honest, unreal guys.
  7. avatar Allan
    Cheers man.

    we're recording a 9 track cd next month with komodo studios, so keep an eye out for gigs and new songs being added up!!

  8. avatar yurwell
    sounds good!
  9. avatar Rosshunter
    New tracks sound amazing live, very tight band. Looking forward to hearing them on CD!

  10. avatar Allan
    I have something to admit ross...........

    that song is in standard.

    Shame on me...... :(