1. avatar Ben Bulbous
    I've been raking through my old CDs and gave Pleasure Death a well-overdue bend of the ear. I'd forgotten just how brilliant an intro Skinning Pit was, with Ewing tearing up the rulebook. What a classic. Question for the drummers: are the rapid (rimshot I think) hits programmed or live?
    Cassetteboy usually has intros that draw you in to his world really effectively too. The start of The Parker Tapes is one of the funniest in that it takes so long in getting going and then David Bowie is singing about shitting in a tin can. Actually that album is 100 times funnier than Tenacious D.
    What are the favourite album intros of the rest of you?
  2. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    'Fuckin' in the bushes' on Oasis' 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants', though to be honest, the rest of the album isn't up to much.

    'Black Dog' on Zep 4 perhaps, and 'Like A Rollin' Stone' on Highway 61 Revisited
  3. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    at le mo has 2 b dis

    Anon Vs The Streets

    The Streets New Year dates

    January 2009
    22 - Academy, Liverpool
    23 - Engine Shed, Lincoln
    25 - Olympia, Dublin..........dis is goin ta b bangin!!!
    27 - Corn Exchange, Cambridge
    28 - Dome, Brighton
    29 - Brixton Academy, London
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  4. avatar dommccann
    one head light by the wallflowers (bob dylan's son jakob on vocals). such a nic gentle arpegio then in kicks the drums and nice little galloping rhythm. the album's called Bringing down the horse. not a bad song on the record.
  5. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Dead Flag Blues has a great intro.
  6. avatar Danny McCormack
  7. avatar Orzo
    Sepultura - Schizophrenia

    Remember picking it up from a car boot sale, putting it on and thinking I'd been shafted with the wrong cassette until the intro finished and the first song kicked in. Awesome. :twisted:
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  8. avatar steelydan
    Of recent times

    Ray Lamontagne - Gossip in the grain
  9. avatar steelydan
    [quote:9d6b24f997="Tiocfaidh Ar La"]at le mo has 2 b dis

    Anon Vs The Streets[/quote:9d6b24f997]

    Pure ball bag.
  10. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    [quote:d78892f450="steelydan"][quote:d78892f450="Tiocfaidh Ar La"]at le mo has 2 b dis

    Anon Vs The Streets[/quote:d78892f450]

    Pure ball bag.[/quote:d78892f450]

    m8t hav u heard dat album?...I fink its cool :lol:
    as 4 d insult lets not do it eye.......an sarry 4 l8t reply bucky gat the bettr an i hav 2 go 2 me grans 2day so lets leave hug an make up

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  11. avatar Per
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