1. avatar gerry norman
    After the success of our Bob Dylan night we decided we must put on a tribute night every few weeks and I was told by the crowd that the next must be Neil Young. Anyone interested in playing on 19th Nov to pay tribute to their hero drop me a pm. Doesn't have to be a solo thing either, we found out we could accomidate 5 piece bands in the shape of Sparks Fly.

    Big thanks to NI Soul Troop for getting us dancing, Owen Lamont and his lovely sisters, John Gribbon(complete with a plastic rose remix), Heliopause crowd silencing tunes, Sparks Fly(messers) and Franky from the famous Franky n Jonny. All these acts brought the coffee shop down at the launch night (which was totally rammed..awesome).

    I'm now booking acts for gigs from now until Xmas with (fingers crossed) a couple of special guests thrown in. I'm looking for some established acts as well as first time giggers. One thing I can guarantee is that everyone will listen to every word you say. If you don't believe me ask anyone who has played :)

    Oh, and il give you a caramel machiato.
  2. avatar gerry norman
    acts confirmed so far are:

    Jackson Cage
    Chris McCorry (Heliopause)
    Mickey Colenso Parade
    Gerry The Blue Berry (A Plastic Rose)

    Lots more to be announced. If you wana play pm me.
  3. avatar trumad
    My first post!
    A great night by all accounts! Thanks again, Gerry. Always a pleasure to play for a fellow southerner!