1. avatar RabbBennett
    Did anybody watch this last night on BBC 3. Jeff Beck with Vinnie Colaiuta on drums :D there was a young girl playing bass, awesome player but I didn't catch who she was but man how happy was she, the biggest smile the whole way through the gig!! fantastic show made my night.... :D
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    Tal Wilkenfeld. She's actually in her twenties, but looks about 12. And is a competent enough player, but I wouldn't say "awesome".

    Of all the old guitar "heroes", Beck is one of the few who seems to have progressed musically since 1980. Compare with Clapton, for example.

    And why isn't Imogen Heap a gigantic megastar?
  3. avatar RabbBennett
    cheers mate, I totally agree with you about Jeff Beck, he covered a lot of styles last night and funnily enough was joined on stage with Clapton which was a bit of a low point
    as for Imogen Heap I don't know enough about her to comment
  4. avatar confetti
    jeff beck is playing the ulster hall in june.