1. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    My external drive (containing all my mp3s) is doing some wierd shit. All files appear to be present however when I open an mp3 it plays something completely different (in some cases nothing at all...)

    The disk is HFS+ 500Gb but showing as 385.5GB in Disk Utility!?

    All this started happening after I upgraded to 10.5.5. Is there any way I can restore the table data!?
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    Sounds like a typical HFS+ problem of corrupt catalog file. (A serious design error by Apple.)

    At least all your MP3s are likely to still exist on the drive, and could be given back their identities from the tags in them.

    I can offer no Mac-specific advice, but if it was me, I'd buy or borrow another drive and make a bit-for-bit copy now before trying any recovery. Do Macs have the "dd" command line program on them? That would do the job.
  3. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    [quote:069655e5de="Recycled Alien"]I can offer no Mac-specific advice[/quote:069655e5de]Yep, that's it - done this a good few times on the PC :-/

    I'm giving the disk a wee scan atm with some recovery software and it seems to be re-building the correct filenames, I'll go purchase another disk now (was thinking of getting another for time-machine anyway) and do a bit by bit recovery to it :shock:
  4. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Some ridiculous developments. Just plugged in another 500GB drive (NTFS) to restore to & formatted it to MacOS Journaled - now both disks are showing as 465.8GB? and all the files in the original disk seem to be working again :s

    Looking more and more like a bug with 10.5.5 than a problem with the disk...