1. avatar fatterkin
    I saw a website on here some time ago that seemed to have really good advice on how 'indie' bands should structure themselves, bills, profits, songwriting etc. Can anyone point me to it?

    For example if a band was considering recording an EP, 3 songs written by 1 member, 4th song written by another yet all the music after the initial tune has been written has been worked on and created by the band. Would it be:
    words: writer, music: band or words & music: writer

    Say they were quoted 1000 to record the EP over a few days, would it be a 4 way split or would the songwriter be expected to pay a percentage more?

    Clearly there wont be any profits at this stage but its probably best to have things clear from the start?

    How do you guys do it?
  2. avatar tinpot anto
  3. avatar fatterkin
    I understand what you mean anto, how do you divide the petty money.

    But in this case, the band are going to have to put in personal money as they have no band income, and expected to hit 2K for recording and pressing costs they want to do it properly from the start. I just wanted to understand the way other bands pay for recording costs etc..
  4. avatar dommccann
    split it equal...the last thing you want is another axl rose moment! then everyone will be waiting almost 20 years for the next album!