1. avatar themetalmartyr
    Looking for a midi interface for my pc

    2in and 2 out preferably

    I'm in the Belfast area

    drop a message here or p.m me

  2. avatar themetalmartyr
    No one has one of these they don't need? dam!
  3. avatar Cugel
    I've a Yamaha UX16 1 in 1 out I'm not using
  4. avatar themetalmartyr
    How much you reckon you'd sell for?
  5. avatar themetalmartyr
    Actually it's alright Cugel but thanks anyway. I'm really after the two in two out.

  6. avatar Cugel
  7. avatar fishfry
    pm'd u
  8. avatar Cugel
  9. avatar themetalmartyr
    Might have to steel one!

    I can get a few decent ones for around forty on the net but I'm looking a second hand one since I'm totally poor and need to watch me dosh!!