1. avatar Mardy-Bum
    Found this good online music store called DV247;


    I ordered a pedal on tuesday before 1pm and it got shipped the same day and it should arrive today and it was 30 pound cheaper than any other store.

    Anyone know any other good stores?
  2. avatar Cugel
    I've bought a couple of amps and a guitar from http://www.imuso.co.uk
    The stuff arrived quickly and in good condition. Prices were good. One amp had a screw missing from the grill. I phoned up and asked them to send one and they said ok - easier than sending the amp back. I heard nothing for a couple of weeks and a letter from the amp manufacturer arrived with replacement screws. Pretty cool.
    I do tend to try and buy locally now - prices are close to online and you've got somewhere to go if there's an issue. There is nothing better than dealing with somewhere where you have a relationship.