1. avatar Stevie Mac
    I'm writing a wee EP of pop songs and I need a female vocalist to record with. Think Annie meets Human League by way of the Pet Shop Boys.

    If you think you might be interested, PM me and I'll send you a sample song (instrumental track + text file of lyrics) and see what happens from there.
  2. avatar African Queen
    Hi how are you? just answering to your ad, i am in a band already, write all of the songs, love singing, real passion for it, would be interested in your project, people say i sound like annie lennox a little, i kinda look a little like her too. Pretty strange! want to get involved with different things aswell, good experience for me, my name is Lisa-marie, some of my stuff is on myspace, www.myspace.com/wearerednoise, have a wee think about it,

    thank you
  3. avatar African Queen
    my email is lyle.lisa@yahoo.co.uk
    my phone number is 07840458736
    Thank you, if you do reply, reply to my email, please