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    [double post]
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    S'awright, like. I wouldn't swap the cat for it, and I don't even really like cats.

  4. avatar The enfant terrible
    I thought it was really dull. 17 years to put out an album, you could squeeze in Loveless, The Second Coming and The Menace all in there and still have enough time left over for a couple of world tours.
  5. avatar ratherfunkychemicaljunky
    Wow, Gun's n' Roses release their album and AC/DC actually do have a tour this year. Must be time to think of some new rumours for the next 10 years or so.

    As for the album, if any of the tracks from the live bootlegs I've heard are on it I'm not getting my hopes up. Kinda like the single though.
  6. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    Dr Pepper promise to provide every person in America a can of the soft drink if "Chinese Democracy" were to arrive in 2008, and has revealed details of the plan.
    "We never thought this day would come," Dr Pepper vp marketing Tony Jacobs said Wednesday. "But now that it's here all we can say is: The Dr Pepper's on us."
    Interested fans are being asked to visit DrPepper.com (http://www.drpepper.com) on November 23, the day "Chinese Democracy" is released in the U.S. exclusively via Best Buy. After registering online, fans will receive a coupon redeemable for a 20-ounce Dr Pepper wherever the drink is sold.

    The twist: The coupon is available for only 24 hours and will expire on February 28.
  7. avatar supershedseven
    Cant wait for Chinese Democracy Part 2 !!!! :lol:

    It really should take 10 years to write an album, what a load of horseshit.
  8. avatar the_doctor199
    Anyone get the album then?

    Had it for a few days now, Better is probably my favourite song, the opening few tracks are quite good then it starts to disapear into a crap album.
  9. avatar my-angel-rocks

    Aww, they cheated...
  10. avatar The_Martyr
    Yeah I've streamed it maybe 3 times from MySpace, and it's surprisingly industrial sounding. I mean, it's not a surprise I guess since Buckethead is industrial etc etc, but I hadn't heard anything from them since UYI:2.

    Better is the best, but even then, it's not great. Axl's overdubs are agony, I thought.
  11. avatar I'mDead
    If it's not Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven Adler then it's not really GNR.
  12. avatar cruz
    True. That distinctive sound that made them special on the first album is but a distant memory. This record is short on tunes and Axl's voice, never that easy on the ears is now suffering from that old man syndrome that affects some vocalists after a while, not in a good way.
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    is horseshit banned in China too then? :shock: