1. avatar wannywan
    ...for a band that is currently getting regular gigs doing cover sets around the Comber area.

    Our drummer sings at the moment and it sounds OK, but he'd rather concentrate on drumming.

    Our own original stuff is on [url]http://www.bebo.com/thevestas/[/url] if you want to check it out. That's the drummer singing on there.

    We're based in Killinchy, about 20ish miles from Belfast and have all the equipment we need to get going (PA etc.)

    Anyone interested or with questions, PM or reply here please!
  2. avatar wannywan
    Just to add, we're playing Daft Eddy's on Friday night and the TT (North Down) on Saturday night if anyone wants to come and check us out.

    Friday night is a fiver in (for charity) and we're playing with Raizing Giant and Sky on Fire. Saturday night is free and it's just us playing.