1. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Is this happenining?

    Anybody got any info?

  2. avatar spirit of division
    As far as I know it's a Phil gig...no idea what the score is with it but I havent heard anything...would like to catch it myself.
  3. avatar Numbnut Sounds

  4. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Myspace says the Limelight, we got tickets says Auntie Annies, anybody any the wiser?
  5. avatar spirit of division
    If anyone finds out let me know...
  6. avatar Revenge Therapy
    Yeah its been a bit of a headache.It was supposed to be Annies but there was a problem with the booking.i thought the Cashier Number 9 gig had been moved to tonight but alas no.. Im pretty sure this can go ahead in the Limelight now just need to check a few things. Will post up here as i find out..
  7. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    ah cool, thanks for the info phil...
  8. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    sweet, hope it gets sorted.
  9. avatar InjuryPackage
    My first post!
    Is this going ahead in the Limelight then?
    What time/how much/support?
  10. avatar spirit of division
    My mobile is dead...I'm out of work in 40 mins to go do something else and wont be back online til about 10pm...if anyone knows the score soon let me know!

  11. avatar boourns
    Is the gig definitely on, we're just not sure on where... or could I trek all the way into belfast to find it cancelled completely?
  12. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Called into Katy Dalys there, the bar staff said it's cancelled...
  13. avatar 3Ply Stagliano
    My first post!
    Yep, we drove up from Randalstown and went to Auntie Annie's and The Limelight only to find it wasn't on. You can imagine how happy that made me.
  14. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    bad times, trans am were in Belfast last night but no gig :(
  15. avatar spirit of division
    A shame indeed...mighty band. Might try and make Dublin tonite...
  16. avatar Orzo
    Anyone remember them playing with the F--king Champs in Morrisons (when it was good)? They got all pissy because no-one would get up from their seats. Tossers.
  17. avatar Revenge Therapy
    yeah it sucks that it worked out like that. thought the show was ok to be moved to the Limelight and there was no PA in the venue.damn
  18. avatar yodaISgreen
    bad shit - hope it doesnt stop them coming back