1. avatar grandcentralboy
    Not quite the usual indi / rock / electro gig add.

    KJJO play upstairs in the Errigle Monday 27th doors at 9pm

    20 piece big band formed from ex-members of UYJO (Ulster Youth Jazz Orchestra) some of whom play in bands from Kahuna to The Greeters and Flange Band to Catoan. Probably a few others too.

    Well worth spending a couple of hours out on Monday night for this.
  2. avatar Zcott
    My first post!
    And you should all come down because I'm playing piano. I'll buy you a drink, maybe.
  3. avatar Steven Dedalus
    What's the cost?

    I'm prepared to make the trek for this!
  4. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Wrong place altogether! Oh by the way I mean I posted here by mistake.
  5. avatar grandcentralboy
  6. avatar Zcott
    I better bring my dark glasses...