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    Wouldn't normally chip in like this but I am in the market for a guitar and saw your post. These geetars are 320 squids new, you may find it hard to sell at that price :o)

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    would you exchange for a fender tele or indeed a fantastic Faith 12 string electro acoustic i have, fitted with fishman rare earth pickup?
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    the fact it is Korean makes that price an absolute no-no , japanese would be worth it as would the US model, but Korean, you are looking 200 quid at a push , you gotta be realistic mate, if you stick to a price exceeding that amount , you are going to be stuck with it.
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    Nice to see we have some psychics on this forum.

    This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. NO-ONE ASKED AND NONE OF YOU KNOW. I would never recommend anyone to use Fastfude for selling anything but Boss pedals. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll have heard me say it.
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    cant believe you sold this beauty
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    Another FS thread derailed by knobsters who think their opinion is more worthy than the next guys' :roll:
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    To date, I`ve bought some great gear from fastfude.
    In all caes, the sellers and myself were happy that a fair price had been reached, and it all is giving great service.

    It is a buyers market, especially at the moment, and TBH, if you are going to sell something here, I presume that means you want minimum hassle , without having to post heavy objects to England etc, therefore, you may have to weigh up hassle free sales, and money in the sky rocket, for accepting a little less than you might get on fleabay with millions of punters.

    One other point, if you are a serial guitar buyer, unless it is rare and appreciating 3 grand specials, you are going to lose 40% as soon as you leave the shop - a little like your car.
    Keep it for 6/12 and sell, and the buyer is going to get a good deal.

    All in all, I would highly recommend fastfude to anyone looking to buy or sell, so long as they arent too unrealistic about prices in these uncertain times.

    On that note, I will be keeping my eye out over the next 6/12 for a cheap bass rig.
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    [quote:40033c1f29="wannabeflea"]Another FS thread derailed by knobsters who think their opinion is more worthy than the next guys' :roll:[/quote:40033c1f29]

    That's just, like, your "opinion" man. Don't get all heavy on me. I'm sensitive!


    Knobsters, must remember that one. That one and "frenzy of wabbery" (which is also suitable in this instance....)

    FYI Tele: I take the insinuation that I'm lying as an insult. perhaps you wouldn't, but hey...
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    Jaysus the procrastination....and I'm adding to it. Gwan tae fook.

    Tele: I guess it's down to that internet balls about how you don't get all teh intended communication through text. That can put people on teh defensive and all that.....also that tele was f00king beautiful.

    I agree about the price thing though. Cheaper stuff will always go quicker - it is easier to find a ton than to find a grand....

    The barter in a guitar shop thing is a truism. Then there's the dealing with a shop you can walk into thing. I've shop bought solely in Matchetts for the last few years for that reason. I had a pod go tits up on me after a couple of days. Brought it back in, asking for a replacement. Walked out with the cash due to them not having stock (no quibbles at all). 15 minutes later had a replacement from Marcus. Kudos to Paul @ Matchetts "Rockshop"...

    I do see teh seller has revised his price for the strat, fair enough. Hope we haven't caused him undue distress with our spouting of keek.
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    My first post!
    Well I'm new here, living in Dublin. And I'm interested in buying this guitar if its still for sale.

    Virtuousoperry, I've sent you a PM.

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    Well, I've bought this guitar, and at a price which virtuosoperry ( a very nice guy BTW ) and myself were both happy with - but I'm not telling how much.......

    And for those who believe Korean guitars are somehow inferior, I have to say that this strat is as good as one from any other country of manufacture, and far better than most. How do they produce a guitar of this quality for such a low price?

    It's all down to the quality of the components and the build quality of each actual guitar. Forget about where it's made.

    This one is a gem - fantastic looking and playing, plus the sound and tones are every bit as good as any other strat I've heard or played.

    Don't be fooled by the marketing bullshit or you might end up wasting your hard-earned cash.
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    nothing wrong with korean guitars.

    My son`s main guitar is a Korean LP copy that I changed the pickups and some electronics in.
    Great isntrument.

    On that note....I was talking to a bloke who bought a really nice brand new beginners dreadnohught acoustic for 35 quid the other day.
    How the hell can they make an instrument for that?

    Anyonme can afford a playable guitar these days.
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    Buy it all up cheap before the recession kicks in.