1. avatar steelydan
    2 tickets req for the upcoming show

  2. avatar 10rapid
    you can still get them on the waterfront website
  3. avatar steelydan
    sure enough mate they are. :)

    many thanks

    all ones on ticketmaster show it sold out for some bizarre reason? yet there are plenty on waterfront website. all the front side blocks have sold out but plenty of good tickets still left.

    ray does a fantastic show, his music is utterly captivating and every song grabs you by the mind and makes you listen. he is fantastic.
  4. avatar 10rapid
    aye i saw him there last year....very special gig!
  5. avatar Captain Kennedy
    I will be at this myself. His last gig there was immense.
  6. avatar unplugged
    was at this tonight

    anybody else rank this among best intimate gigs they ever seen. i do. waterfront was the ideal venue for ray to maintain that atmosphere.

    ray was spot on brilliant and the support from priscilla ahn was fucking fantastic. the girl has such a pretty haunting voice. her subtle use of her loop pedal was mindblowing in combo with her vocal.

    her stuff recorded on myspace although pro quality and lovely doesnt show off her voice as good as her live work.
    check her out. she is very good.

    in all a very enjoyable show with a cilivilsed crowd. sheer lack of camera phones and arseholes (bar me) for which i was delighted.

    great gig.
  7. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Was at this myself last night. Second best gig I've ever been to. (Best gig was the first time he played Belfast a couple of years ago).

    Could have heard a pin drop in the audience.

    Ray Lamontagne's voice is unreal. Im just happy he doesn't get played more on the likes of Cool FM because when that starts, thats when the noise level at gigs increases.