1. avatar isis
    Hello chaps,
    I've got an idea for later in the year that will probably require a fair bit of funding.
    I know all the money is really sparse but could you give me some advice or contacts for the likes of nimic etc on how to apply? My idea would be happening in June, are there deadlines to apply, please don't tell me I've missed them!!

    kindest Regards an all that
    Jennifer :)
  2. avatar nomoreart
    This might be useful

  3. avatar churchwarden
    Will it be an organisation running the event, or yourself as an individual?

    If it as an individual you can apply for Support for the Individual Artist Programme - next round opens at the start of the new year:


    If it is an organisation, if you are not for profit you can apply for various funds, such as Project Funding or Awards for All - new details about these schemes will be available shortly - if you sign up to the newsletter on the ACNI website information is emailed out at the start of each month.

  4. avatar tenrabbits
    I would add - the Arts Council are both lovely people and ridiculously underfunded. I've looked at a grant application for them myself, and to have a chance I'd make sure you do your homework before submitting it. It would be worth speaking to them first I think.
  5. avatar T Entertainment
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  6. avatar MSB Mastering
    Can I ask who sent you that or what the source is? It's potentially quite interesting.
  7. avatar churchwarden
    Info about the Creative Industries Innovation Fund here:

  8. avatar Link Lad
    Voluntary Arts Ireland is a good website and its worth signing up for their newsletter as it often has different funding oppertunities advertised. Open source community can be useful to sign up to as well they have funding applications that have been successful in their members section so you can see the sorts of reports that have been funded in the past and what your own application may need to include. Hope you have some joy with it!
  9. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    Is it possible to get funding for recording and the like?

    A band paid at broken studio once with funding but I am not exactly sure what body or organisation supplied them with the funding. Does anyone know anything about getting funding for recording or equipment?
  10. avatar churchwarden