1. avatar foamboy
    Tuesday October 21st

    Kick Out The Jams: Local Music Video Special (22 minutes)

    The latest videos from the best local talent around. This time up we have videos from Two Door Cinema Club, The Jane Bradfords, Brian Houston, Team Horse, The Good Fight as well as the latest single from David Holmes.

    This video was made specially by Tristan from KOTJ. :-D

    Channel 62/799.276Mhz
  2. avatar mrginger
    will have to check this out sounds awesome. Any word of team horse rocking the stage soon? Loved that set last march..
  3. avatar foamboy
    It's a well-worked video, simple but effective and it suits the track really well I think.

    As for the Horse and gigs, I'm recording new tunes at the minute and would hope to have some shows when those are done. :D