1. avatar jenniemcc
  2. avatar nocturn
    [quote:b5f42be714="jenniemcc"] And opening the celebrations will be the metal mobsters, Nocturn, complete with big choruses and distinctly Northern Irish dark rock traits running through what promises to be an undoubtedly destructive set list.

    We've never sounded so good in writing :D

    Cant wait for this, its been too long since ive seen LaFaro and im genuinely excited to be playing on the same bill as them! (Doing real sets anyway, the Nevermind Revisited thing didn't count!)
  3. avatar Sian
    I am super excited for this!! :) Should be a great night.
    Any idea of stage times yet?

    [also, if you cant wait for your dose of LaFaro goodness, head to McHughs tonight!!] -sorry for the highjack Jen, its for a good cause!! ;)
  4. avatar JTM
    If all goes to plan*, I'd guess...

    9:30 Nocturn
    10:15 A Plastic Rose
    11:00 LaFaro
  5. avatar jenniemcc
    UITA Vol 7 CD is looking pretty good by the way :)

    (free on the door)

    Feat. tracks from- LaFaro, A Plastic Rose, Gentry Morris, Captain Kennedy, Strait Laces, Captain Cameron, Heliopause, Never Close and Cardigan Drive.
  6. avatar boots
    Think I'll head up to this!

    ..and sneak out after a plastic Rose so i dinnae miss the last bus home :-)
  7. avatar mynameisdave
    This is tonight people....
    Should be a belter- Jen knows how to throw a partaaay.
    Although LaFaro does not endorse the last bus home.
  8. avatar Recycled Alien
    LaFaro are worth the price of a late night taxi. (Or, in my case, a 50-mile round trip in the car.)
  9. avatar mynameisdave
    Ur a gentleman. U must be deaf by now tho...
    Bring smiles, earplugs and money for the new EP. Still some copies left but they are selling like hot cakes made of noise and this is a LTD edition folks. Lethal.
  10. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    That's brutal about the gear, still it's good to see people rallying around to help a band in need.

    Awesome poster by the way!
  11. avatar gerry norman
    LaFaro are not to be missed. I'll give u a lift home.
  12. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:96b27028e2="mynameisdave"]Ur a gentleman. U must be deaf by now tho...[/quote:96b27028e2]At least Johnny will be working the dials for this one and I'll be able to relax and enjoy the show.
  13. avatar mynameisdave
    Lucky man. We'll try to be gentle tonite.

    Who am I kidding?! Balls to the wall!

    Its gonna be a good un, I can feel it in me bones...
  14. avatar jenniemcc
    who needs ear drums?

    crank it up to 11 and let's freaking party

    just got the uita cds back and they look AWESOME!

    get down early for your free copy (feat. lafaro - leningrad btw!)
  15. avatar Recycled Alien
    LaFaro In Fascist Salute Shock!

    Photos on line at [url]http://www.annaghvarn.plus.com/GigPix/LaFaro/[/url]

    I only had my wee camera out so they're all a bit snapshotty.
  16. avatar nocturn
    This was a cracking night, thanks to Mike and Jen for the chance to play, and to LaFaro and A Plastic Rose for being ridiculously sound blokes and great bands to play with!