1. avatar 38aboveQ
    As header. Rarely used by myself as I lack the room for it. Would exchange for a smaller controller. 61key etc. Runs off universal power supply.

    - 88 Note Weighted Hammer Action Keys
    - Key measurements like a real piano
    - Dynamic Range (00-99)
    - Velocity Sensitivity Release (00-99)
    - Three Zones Programmable
    - Half-tone transposition
    - Octave transposition
    - Three MIDI Outputs
    - Foot-Switch Control
    - Program Change Footswitch
    - Pitch and Modulation Wheels
    - Outputs on all l6 MIDI Channels (three channels at one time)
    - 100 Performance Programs (00-99)
    - Two digit numeric display


  2. avatar Declan
    I have an edirol 61 note controller keyboard. The bottom octave isn't working but everything else is.
    Probably easy fixed but I've never tried. COuld offer some cash as well or what would you want for just cash?
  3. avatar 38aboveQ