1. avatar beamer933
    17 year old guitarist, into the likes of Brand New, Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, ffaf, etc.

    add me to msn if your interested, mikeybr91@hotmail.com
  2. avatar beamer933
  3. avatar ciarawrr
    My first post!
    Heyy! Im looking for a band!
    Where bouts you from?
  4. avatar beamer933
  5. avatar thisyearsconfession
    hey dude
    do you have any samples of your playing?
  6. avatar guitar_103
    My first post!
    yo im up for it. u got any recordins of ur own stuff? i play biffy, idlewild, chilis n arctic monkeys
  7. avatar captain a
    i briefly misread this as 'Anybody up for starving an 1ndie/punk rock band?'
  8. avatar beamer933

    teh bumps!
  9. avatar jc
    My first post!
    yeah dude, i can play bass or drums or guitar. Not so hot on the drums but i have my own kit
  10. avatar beamer933
    nice, add me!
  11. avatar beamer933