1. avatar Desus
    [b:e1097541fb][size=18:e1097541fb]Radar Live presents[/size:e1097541fb]



    Montana Floss[/size:e1097541fb][/b:e1097541fb]

    Thursday 23rd October
    Speakeasy Bar, Belfast
    Queens Students Union
    Doors 9pm
    Adm: FREE
    Non Students Welcome

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  2. avatar Rosshunter
    Looking forward to this :)
  3. avatar mrginger
    cool! Pity I flipping work on thursdays.
  4. avatar Desus
  5. avatar Rosshunter
  6. avatar Desus
    Should be a good one this. Mantic back with their original singer, and a lot of new tunes.
  7. avatar kev
    We've really been lookin forward to this one...

    Jumanji is back on the good ship mantic...It's nice!

    A tighter, Bigger sound awaits!

    What the fuck else better would you be doing on a thursday night? :P
    Hope to see you there!
  8. avatar Rosshunter
    Amazing Night! We had a brilliant time and it really sounded good up there!

    Mantic are one of those bands who just keep getting better and better with each gig.. Jumanji was a good call! I've got one of your new tunes stuck in my head :lol:

    Cheers to Brian Collins, Dee and the Queens sound crew!
  9. avatar kev
    the sound was fantastic, the night in general was fucking brilliant

    and the music on a whole

    fuck me! i hear eastenders was better though :P