1. avatar cashier no.9
    Cashier no.9 single launch @ auntie annies
    support from

    jane bradfords
    panda kopanda

    7" on sale
    a side 42 west ave
    b side i kid you not
  2. avatar exmagician

    Thursday 23rd October
  3. avatar Crackity_jones
    Have Panda Kopanda replaced Clown Parlour at this then? Hell of a stand-in!
  4. avatar yodaISgreen
    going to miss this - damn!
  5. avatar cashier no.9
    tomorrow night !
  6. avatar the*optimist
    Wicked tune, heard it on Radio 2 on sunday night Janice Long or something like that!
  7. avatar comprachio
    stage times?
  8. avatar cashier no.9
    stage times likely to be:

    9.45 - jb's
    10.30 - panda kopanda
    11.15 cashier no 9

    obv subject to change etc. Should be thereabouts though
  9. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    Cool! I'm fucking off after our set to DJ in Queens:( Thank god Clown Parlour were replaced by Panda Kopanda. I really wanted to see Clown Parlour and would've been gutted missing them. I despise Panda Kopanda though. Hoods tbh...
  10. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    You might want to edit the listing in the gigs section Dan;

    [quote:c17b2930c5]# The Jane Bradfords + Panda Kopanda + jane bradfords Auntie Annies, Belfast[/quote:c17b2930c5]

    FREE Jane Bradfords CD for the first 5 people who buy the Cashier No.9 single! Offer stands til 10.15pm only so bargain hunters come early!
  11. avatar dodgi stereo
    Great fun.

    Jane Bradfords (what's the song called?)

    Panda Kopanda (what's the song called? Is it a new one?)

    Cashier No.9 - 42 West Avenue

    I played songs between the bands.
    Setlist -

    Daniel Johnston - Walking the Cow
    Nuyorican Soul-I Am The Black Gold of the Sun(4Hero Remix)
    vampire weekend - everywhere (fleetwood mac cover)
    The 6ths - Waltzing Me All The Way Home
    Beirut - scenic world
    a hawk and a hacksaw - ihabibi
    Fanfare Ciocarlia - que dolor (kaloome)
    Gogol Bordelo - 60 revolutions
    Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Diddy wah diddy
    Jean Jacques Perry - Country Rock Polka
    lullatone - Bushman's Samba
    Global Goon - Glory B
    Copy - Plagiarhythm

    King Missile - Gay not Gay
    A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It
    Basement Jaxx - Jazzalude
    Hot Chip - Colours
    tarwater - easy sermon
    earl zinger - s__t's banging
    Jupiter Ace - Push That Button

    Dub Narcotic Sound System - Fuck Shit Up
    Beck - black tambourine (south rakkas crew remix)
    Basement Jaxx - jaxxalude
    Syclops - Mom, The Video Broke
    !!! - me and guilliani down the scholyard (a true story)
    The Who - My Generation
    Les Georges Leningrad - sponsorships
    Les Savy Fav - Rodeo
    Dangerfields - voodoo doll

  12. avatar bottleofsmoke
    Nice one dodgi stereo. Cashier tap natch good footage. Would luv to have been there.
  13. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    cool footage! I had to run off early to work so it was good to see clips of Cashier and panda. From all accounts both were on great form:)
  14. avatar thesacredhearts
    was loving the tunes inbetween bands!

    Havent seen panda kopanda in about 3 years and they were great. Couldnt stick around for cashier but am reliably informed they were great as ever.