1. avatar TheStiffKitten
  2. avatar Mikeymoko
    awesome! the album is class
  3. avatar goodonpaper
  4. avatar Maggotmoore
  5. avatar Danny McCormack
    Superb news
  6. avatar the er
  7. avatar Damn Pest
    fight like apes are feckin class, best band to come out of Ireland since SLF, THE ALBUM IS AMAZIN'
  8. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Supports announced for this!

    LaFaro & Cutaways
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  9. avatar drive by fader
    Typo or interesting new name? Which acronym would YOU choose?

    [b:a4923971e1]Acronym[/b:a4923971e1] [b:a4923971e1]Definition[/b:a4923971e1]
    FARP Forward Arming and Refueling Point (USMC)
    FARP Fantasy Art Resource Project (Elfwood science fiction and fantasy art and fiction)
    FARP Forward Area Refueling Point (US DoD)
    FARP Forward Area Rearm/Refuel Point
    FARP Fleet ACM Readiness Program
    FARP False Alarm Reduction Program
    FARP Forward Ammunition and Replenishment Point
    FARP Forum Action Roleplaying (gaming)
  10. avatar AngelaMOK
    Hey Paul, FARP YOU!
  11. avatar The enfant terrible
    Forget Angie's remark Paul, feelings are reciprocal possibly?
  12. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Lafarp are no Lafaro
  13. avatar Elms
  14. avatar merten_4_mcguffin
    brilliant news
  15. avatar drive by fader
    So, this'll be quare and good hey.
  16. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Wednesday night!!
  17. avatar drive by fader
    Tonight tonight!
  18. avatar mynameisdave
    Looking forward to this y'all...

    We still have a few hand-drawn EP's left for those who want one and now LaFaro stickers!

    Get down early for Cutaways too. Christmas starts tonight.
  19. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    You're right there Dave.

    Cutaways - 930pm
    Lafaro - 1015pm
    Fight Like Apes - 11pm
  20. avatar AngelaMOK
    I can't wait!

    I'm stuck working until 8:30 and it feels like forrrrrrever away!

    Woop woop woop!
  21. avatar drive by fader
    Big thanks to the ATL guys and Joe for a lovely night!

    FLA and LaFaro kicked serious ass too and rock and roll fun was had by all :)
  22. avatar Recycled Alien
    Click [url=http://www.annaghvarn.plus.com/GigPix/2008-12-03-Fight_Like_Apes/index.html]>>HERE<<[/url] for my photos.

    The bassplayer from Fight Like Apes is Rigsy in a wig. Buckfast and all. Note demolished drum kit -- always found that was a good way to avoid playing a second encore.